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What is Atlantic History?

Host Jesse Wuest weaves a tale spanning more than 500 years that begins with Christopher Columbus and ends with the modern world.

The Black Carib War

Apologies for the not very good audio quality!

Colonial Savannah

Host Jesse Wuest weaves a tale spanning more than 500 years that begins with Christopher Columbus and ends with the modern world.


Host Jesse Wuest weaves a tale spanning more than 500 years that begins with Christopher Columbus and ends with the modern world.

The Navigator

The Infant Dom Henrique of Portugal burst onto the world's stage in 1419 at the Siege of Ceuta and afterwards the world will never be the same. In the 3rd installment...

Horses, Land, Slaves, and the Tsetse Fly

Jesse unpacks the relationship between Horses, Land, Slaves, and the Tetse Fly in order to explain how the Atlantic Slave Trade started. Part four of Rise of the Con...

The Chroniclers

Jesse continues the Chronicles of Zurara diving deep into the human drama that enfolds as Europe and Africa become connected. After that he digs into the very differe...

The Canary Wars

Decades before the voyage of Columbus, the armies of Portugal and Spain face off against each other on the Canary Islands in the very first European colonial war. To ...

The World of Columbus

In the epic conclusion to Rise of the Conquistadores host Jesse Wuest compares the rivalry between Spain and Portugal to the Space Race. If you think that is a strang...

Beyond Clovis

Between quoting Rage Against the Machine lyrics and offering up a tribute to Stan Lee following his passing, host Jesse Wuest presents the 100% real and factual story ...

Lighting the Sacred Fires

Host Jesse Wuest tells the epic history of North America until 1492!

Blood Oath

This episode tells the epic histories of the Maya, Aztecs, and many other Mesoamerican cultures before descending down the rabbit hole for a graphic description of hum...


Earth-Shaker is episode 2.4, the final chapter of People of the Sun. A tale of Empire, Dazzling Golden Treasures, Nasca Lines, Headhunters, Ancient Seafarers, The Wil...


The story of the history of the Atlantic World truly begins in Genoa, where host Jesse Wuest tells the tale of a young boy from Italy, who desperately desired to grow ...

Song of the Taino

Part two of Conquest of the Americas. Spanish Conquistadores expand from Hispaniola. What follows is a shocking tale of genocide.

Dogs of War

Part three of Conquest of the Americas. The conquest of Tierra Firme. Jesse tells the story of Vasco Núñez de Balboa and the "discovery" of the Pacific.

How Madness Shaped History: Interview with Dr. Chris Ferguson

Jesse interviews Dr. Chris Ferguson, a professor of psychology at Stetson University about his new book, How Madness Shaped History.

The Invention of America

Part Four of Conquest of the Americas tells the story of the "discovery" of Brazil. What do Portugal, France, Brazilian cannibals, and a liar from Venice have in com...

Island on Fire: Interview with Tom Zoellner

Jesse interviews Tom Zoellner, author of Island on Fire: The Revolt That Ended Slavery in the British Empire

An Episode Nobody Expects

Conquest of the Americas part five. The history of the Spanish Inquisition is a sordid tale of torture and execution. As for the shocking impact of the Inquisition o...

Mapping an Atlantic World: Interview With Alida Metcalf

Jesse interviews Dr. Alida Metcalf on her new book, Mapping an Atlantic World

Fall of the Mexica

Hernan Cortes. Montezuma. The Conquest of Mexico. Part 6 of Conquest of the Americas

Blurring the Lines of Race and Freedom: Interview with A.B. Wilkinson

Jesse and Dr. A.B. Wilkinson chat about his new book, Blurring the Lines of Race and Freedom: Mixed Bloods and Mulattos in English Colonial America. Revealed are stor...

The Fabric of Empire: Interview with Danielle Skeehan

Jesse interviews Dr. Danielle Skeehan, who unpacks the relationship between text and textiles in her excellent new book, The Fabric of Empire!

Complexion of Empire in Natchez: Interview with Christian Pinnen

Historian Christian Pinnen from Mississippi College chats with Jesse about his new book about colonial Natchez. Natchez was a French colony, an English colony, a Span...

Atlantic Passages: Interview with Robert Murray

Jesse speaks with Dr. Robert Murray from Mercy College regarding his new book, Atlantic Passages: Race, Mobility, and Liberian Colonization

The Conquests of New Spain

Conquest of the Americas part VII begins just after Hernán Cortés has completed his conquest of the Aztecs. The episode ends at the conclusion of the Mixtón War.

The Corsairs of Saint-Malo: Interview with Henning Hillmann

Jesse and Dr. Henning Hillmann discuss his new book the Corsairs of Saint-Malo.

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